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Giranellis are rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets made of handblown glass.

I am Rácz Kriszta Napraforgó, designer and creator of giranellis.

My favourite shape is sphere, and everything that is rounded – this symbolizes entirety and unity. My favourite material is glass, and one of my earliest memories are bubbles, soap bubbles in every size.

I’m all optimistic, I try to find the source of happiness in everything. Laughter cannot be grabbed, but it it had a shape, that would definitely be the sphere.

These thoughts lead us at giranelli.

And where this name came from? It’s a wordplay made by us. I was always tempted by italian art, especially glassware art. My first jewelries were rings.
Rings of Napraforgó‘ (my name, which is ‘Sunflower’ in English) is ‘Anelli di Girasole‘ in italian = and there you go: giranelli 🙂

‘Girare’ means rotation, this refers to the playfulness and motion inside giranelli jewelry.