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what is giranelli?

Giranellis are rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets made of handblown glass.

I am Rácz Kriszta Napraforgó, designer and creator of giranellis.

My favourite shape is sphere, and everything that is rounded – this symbolizes entirety and unity. My favourite material is glass, and one of my earliest memories are bubbles, soap bubbles in every size.

I’m all optimistic, I try to find the source of happiness in everything. Laughter cannot be grabbed, but it it had a shape, that would definitely be the sphere.

These thoughts lead us at giranelli.

And where this name came from? It’s a wordplay made by us. I was always tempted by italian art, especially glassware art. My first jewelries were rings.
Rings of Napraforgó‘ (my name, which is ‘Sunflower’ in English) is ‘Anelli di Girasole‘ in italian = and there you go: giranelli 🙂

‘Girare’ means rotation, this refers to the playfulness and motion inside giranelli jewelry.

Do you have a shop?

Yes, we do.

You can find our shop in downtown V. district of Budapest, Apáczai Csere János u. 3.

I'd like to own a customized jewelry

We can do that. Tell us your thoughts – under the Contact menu, or email us to

I've got something. Can you make a jewelry out of it?

Ususally yes, but once or twice we had to say no for extreme requests.

If you have some sand, pebbles or small snails from your vacation, we are more than happy to make your very special, completely customized giranelli.

Just contact us.

I own a shop. Let's become partners!

We are opened for co-operations, and looking for shops and wholesalers worldwide. Please contact us, so we can talk about it.

What kind of metals do you use?

We use the finest 925 sterling silver. All pieces individually marked with a quality stamp in the inside.

The regular ring bases and chains are made of anti-allergic, nickel-free metals.

If you need anything special (surgical steel, sterling silver, gold etc), please contact us.